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watco satin wax plus oil paint

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  • watco satin wax plus oil paint

    Just wondering if anybody has used watco natural satin wax mixed with oil paint like burnt umber for their final finish on carvings or is that doable? Thanks

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    I believe it is a mineral spirits based product so I would think it would play nice with oil paint pigments.
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      I would suggest trying a small amount on a some scrape wood. I have never tried this, but I would be concerned about the oil paint drying. And if you wanted a buffed wax finish, I am not sure it can be achieved with the added oil paint. There is a product called cold wax that is designed to be mixed with oil paints, it might be a better option for what you want.


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        I use it as a final finish on my carvings that I paint with acrylics. It gives my carvings a nice finish. I have a good friend that is a professional relief carver, and she regularly uses this as a final finish on her carvings and she paints with issues., in fact, I bought one of her Christmas carvings we display during the holiday season.

        She uses it AFTER she paints, not mixed with the paints...she then buffs with a soft cloth.


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          Appreciate comments. Good advice Sappy. Will try on a reject carving first. Got plenty of those.


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            I agree with sappy, I woud experiment on some scrap. The Watco is for natural wood or a additional coating over oil finishes.
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              I use oil paint mixed with Watco oil-based stain and other kinds of oil-based stains to get the color that I want as the stains are very limited in the color choices....just a little bit of artist-grade oil paint to enough to a oil based stain to cover. Add more if you need more color. If you look at treasure chest I made it was stained with this method IMG_0512_1.JPG You have to test the color mix on a piece of wood to make sure it is what you want. I mix it in a glass jar just enough to cover the item and yes I have stored it mixed in a tightly covered jar. Success is very light stain and wipe it off fast and dry, and stain again if you need darker color. I stain in small sections to make sure some woods do not soak in too much stain. Most jars I use are salsa jars.... eat the salsa first.... It is noted anything oil takes longer to dry so do not finish coat it until it is pretty dry. An I do finish coat often spray lacquer.