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  • Anyone Use Tried and True Finishes

    Hello all. Just finished a few butternut comfort birds. Finished them with pure tung oil. I like tung oil but don't like how long it takes to dry. I prefer to use foodsafe finishes for these since their purpose is to be held.

    I've seen Tried and True finishes which uses polymerized linseed as a base and other things based on the flavor.

    Anyone tried any of these?

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    I haven’t used Tried and True finishes, but thought I might share one that I have used recently on a butternut comfort bird. It has a very nice, smooth feel and is food safe. In fact we use it on our cutting boards and wooden spoons. I buy mine from Jamestown Distributors in Rhode Island. $9.95 with free shipping.
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      Thanks for the info, T J, and a good price.
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        Thank you for the information. Does it cure or is it like mineral oil?


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          Originally posted by PHolder View Post
          Thank you for the information. Does it cure or is it like mineral oil?
          It doesn’t cure, as the label says it should be reapplied every month or so on cutting boards, salad bowls etc.


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            Thank you for the information.


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              I use the Tried and True Danish Oil on everything I carve and am very happy with it. It's easy to apply, dries reasonably fast and is practically odorless. It's a little pricey, but what isn't these days,....?
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                You could also use water-based acrylic varnish (same aisle in the hobby stores as the acrylic paints). Dries quickly and is non-toxic to the touch after it dries (24 hours to cure). Buff with a brown paper bag that has been wadded up after the varnish cures.

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