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  • speed control delta sander

    Has anyone tried or do you know if a variable or 1/2 speed control switch would hurt a one year old 1" wide x 30" Delta sander motor? It is a 1/4 horse, 3450 RPM. I would like to slow the speed down on this sander for sharpening capabilities with leather strop addition. I have heard acquaintances say they have used a Harbor Freight switch with other motors with no problems. Also have been told to not do it for fear of burning the motor up. Sure would be nice if it would work. I would probably go to Grainger for a switch if feed back is good.

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    Re: speed control delta sander

    some motors have capisitior start, and they will not run under low voltage conditions without the capisitor trying to kick in and get the motor back to full speed... and it kicks in if you load up the motor under work,

    i think its a general rule of thumb, unless the motor has replaceable brushes it wont work,,
    easy to find out, if your willing to give it a smoke test.
    turn it on and plug it into one of the foot controls on a sewing machiene,
    but mash the foot control to the floor and slowly back off when testing,
    it should provide full power, then back off the foot switch, if it starts bucking quit.

    my harbor freight 1" belt sander wont run slower than full out. its low amperage 1/4 hp motor has capisitor start for starting and kicking

    some cases motors have exterior caps that can be removed to get at the brushes, but there is a lot of different motor syles that have hidden brushed, some are brush less... hard to tell looking at them

    look on the delta web site for the sander and see if they have the exploded diagram on that sander, or any information on variable speed... control

    i have the 1x42 craftsman and 1x30 harbor freight 1"x30 sander and has the belts regular abrasives and leather, im thinking of that leather belt myself but at 1150 rpm i think it will just sling off the compound

    or just going ahead and building a mandrel like the Burke system, its just hard for an non driving feller to get around to all the different places to get all the parts... or i would definitely have one.

    all the small sanders grinders and stuff round here that i purchased are mom and pop weekend toys,, and they are tearing up on there own, lost a 1x30 belt sander due to a faulty switch burning out. the battery operated dremels
    and last night my wet grinder ate the worm gear... of course not brass but plastic,,, made to be ate if there was trouble, now finding that part in Taiwan or china will be fun...


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      Re: speed control delta sander

      Thank you Thomp, again you've come thru. I will get on Delta's web site and look around, good suggestion. The AMP's = 2.8. The I'll bet the results will not be in my favor.......but it doesn't hurt to investigate, you never know.
      I have not thought about the strap coming apart at high RPM. Too late now, I've ordered the belt.


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        Re: speed control delta sander

        i think the leather belt would be designed to handle the 1175 speed, or you could return it. if it was defective ?

        im thinking of the $66.50 belt grinder here,43072
        but adding a mandrel to slow it down, but dont know about flex on the second mandrell,. becuse ill have to use the shaft beyond the bering support.

        i got a couple old motors 1175 rpm and 3600 ? and i will have to do some figuring how to step them down for me to be happy at the speed,

        i was reading this thread
        last night and learning bout some things i wasn't thinking about, denny tool rest - holders for belt sanders/hones mark Akers had several photos showing his setup

        i was having trouble with my belt sander last time i talked to rick
        we were discussing a cheap Burke system home made more industrial use stead of the home shop type things available at sears and walmarts.

        and he said just to glue the belt on to a big wood wheel but make sure the overlap tag ends the wrap in top the belt with the tag trailing in the direction of rotation so it don't grab,, im going to try that one,,
        i used ?mdf? for some hones but they need some truing about every 50 hours of use or so..

        hey i know theres folks here that know more bout this stuff than me, where are they...

        i need watched over so i don't lead you astray..


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          Re: speed control delta sander

          The sharpener sander I'm talking about I bought from Denny with the gouge guide/holder. I like the setup but as I said the RPM is too fast. It's ok once you learn to not let the gouge get hot and I haven't had that happen.


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            Re: speed control delta sander

            If I remember correctly Bob, Denny's uses a 1 x 30" sanding belt but do not remember the grit. I would suspect 120 or 150 grit. I wished he allowed us to use it at class. Not much different than what I have with the Grizzly one. The only difference is mine don't have the tool guide to hole the gouges at the right angle. Like anything else, with Practice, manage to not destory a gougeand I have a seperate cloth wheel to buff with.
            Like you, I am always looking for something different to work with.


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              Re: speed control delta sander

              Did you know you can buy the tool guide seperate? I would think with a little work you could adapt it to the Grizzly. It only attaches with one bolt. On the Delta you remove an existing screw from the sander and screw in the a bolt that comes with the tool guide. With any luck you could do the same or just add a hole and nut location on your Grizzly.


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                Re: speed control delta sander

                i borrowed this pic from mark akers post, it shows, some knid of holding jig on a belt sander laid on its back
                looks pretty straight forward in the picture but to make it adjustable and vibration free would take some doing,.


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                  Re: speed control delta sander

                  This is exactly the same setup I have (bought from Denny) and believe me there is no bothersome vibration. If it weren't for the fast motor RPM this would be the near perfect setup for me. Denny advises using course grits to sharpen so heat will not build up quickly and that seems to work. Of course after a while the grit is dulled somewhat which is a good thing. It doesn't eat up metal quickly when dull.