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Using The Scheppach Tiger 2500 Wetstone Grinder 

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  • Using The Scheppach Tiger 2500 Wetstone Grinder 

    I've had the wetstone grinder and many of the Scheppach and Tormek jigs for a while now. Came with no instructions, I contacted Scheppach asking for assistance but never got a reply.
    I'm finding it very hard going to understand how to use the Scheppach. I went on YouTube to see how people used the Scheppach clones, Grizzly, Triton etc. I've also read about putting oil on the leather wheels, not to saturate them, as tool will just press in and will mess up the bevel angle, some say to oil some not. Applying the Scheppach paste to the wheels, scraping off dried compound with a chisel. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    ZeusMC, I used neatsfoot oil on the leather on my Tormek. You can use that or mineral oil. Just not too much. What I did was put some on my finger and then with the grinder going touched the wheel. Did this a couple times, then turned the machine off and did the same thing by hand turning the wheel to any spots that didn't have oil on them. The risk is if you put to much oil on the compound doesn't stay put in the leather very well and doesn't strop as good. The reason I used neatsfoot oil is that I think it's a better oil for leather and seems to dissipate more than mineral oil does, so I thought if I accidentally put to much on it might recover if it was neatsfoot.

    I only use my Tormek to bevel set and I use the sv38 when doing that. For carving tools I have the wheel turning away from the edge, support bar mounted on the front direction of wheel from down to up. I do strop with it as well, but am also playing around with the washboard product that Nugj posted on https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...rpening-device I either use Tormek PA70, or Simichrome. Autosol should work fine too for the leather wheel.

    If you give me specifics I may be able to provide better info.
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