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Sanding drum failure on Dremel

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    Ok you sold me a new item Eddy.... Smokey Mountain Supply is my very favorite store!!
    . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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      Originally posted by Eddy-Smiles View Post
      Lol.... They say that you get what you pay for. With all due respect, not all the stuff coming out of China is worth what you pay for it. When I first got into carving I started out the same route as you using the sanding drums. I still have some. The drums work great but the sandpaper wheels work only hit and miss depending on how they were made and how long they've been in storage. I used to buy mine at the Sweetwater, Tennessee Flea Market and I'd get a fist full for a $1.00. Sounds like a good deal until you go to use them.

      Then I looked around Smokey Mountain Woodcarvers one day and discovered the Cushioned Drum Sanders that used replaceable sandpaper. They sell the Swiss Paper by the roll in an assortment of grits. I can tell you that one roll lasts a very long time. I highly recommend them. I've got one of every size and duplicates of a couple of them. The cushioned rubber can be replaced. They will sell you the pieces or you can just go down to a craft store and purchase a sheet of black foam rubber and cut it to size. The only thing that you have to watch out for is exceeding the RPM capability of the tool. Run it above the recommended RPM and it turns into a pretzel. Now how would I know that!

      This is some great info. Thanks Eddy. I need some of this.