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  • Michelle
    I use a leather palmed glove from the Once you get used to wearing it you'll feel naked without it. I have been thankful I've had it on a couple of times when I wasn't careful enough with where my fingers (thumb mostly) were placed. I also wear a RH thumb guard. I've tried various things for the right thumb, but mostly use vet wrap.

    I learned early not to carve without the glove, but I walked by my bench a few days ago and picked up my WIP. Then I picked up the knife. No glove. One guess what happened....

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  • Spiritwolfe
    started a topic Carving Safety $ Protection

    Carving Safety $ Protection

    Carving Safety $ Protection

    Normally I dislike wearing gloves but realize this isn't sensible with this hobby.

    Is there such a thing as a comfortable Carving Glove?

    Can I just make myself a thumb guard for carving towards me?

    There are a few things to get besides good knifes.

    What do you carvers use and why?