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14" Bandsaw Dust Collection

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  • 14" Bandsaw Dust Collection

    I'm wondering whether anyone has any suggestions for a dust collector.

    I just upgraded from a 10" WEN bandsaw to a Laguna 1412 Bandsaw (14"). With the 10" bandsaw, I just connected it to a 9 gallon wet/dry vac to collect dust. For the 14", however, I think I need something better, as it kicks up a lot of dust and my workshop, a former bedroom, is pretty small (not to mention my 1-7/8" vacuum hose can't connect to the 4" dust collection port in the Laguna).

    I kind of broke the bank on the Laguna, so I'm hoping to find a dust collector that is relatively cheap. I've had a hard time finding info online. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated by me and my lungs! Thanks!

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    Wow>>> I can not believe you got that machine into a bedroom! I have 14 inch Rikon which is designed just like the Laguna.....and the dust from just the sawing is really bad.....and it is in the open air garage. One always wear a good dust mask and safety glasses. Second what ever you use as a dust collector is going to have to take that dust outside and honestly it needs to be big one which you can not get into that room with the Laguna. ......Honestly that kind of machine needs to be outside or in a space where you can get the dust out safely. Because unless you seal the door to the house your going to get that fine dust inside the house.......or track it with your shoes....and that is bad news in all ways. A nine gallon wet vacumn is no good,....must have the largest one with filters and bags. If you do stay in that room.....I would knock out the window and direct both dust areas...the hole and from the saw to the outside, I would think that you could make some kind of system yourself without investment of air system.......but you got yourself in a I hope some of the guys who make their own things would have a good suggestion.
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      You might try something like this.
      This Portable Dust Collector - Air Handler Can Be Positioned Anywhere for Pin Point Dust Collection Needs This compact dust collection / air handling unit wi
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        I have a 14" General bandsaw and this is what I use. It seems to take care of the dust from the saw, but i'm out in a work shop , not sure if it would be good enough to use in the house (where I'm not the

        I use it with a 10 gallon shop vac
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          I have a 14" Grizzly that I hook up to my 10 gallon Rigid shop vac. It does a very good job with dust collection, but I am in my garage, and I use a 3M dust mask with replaceable filters in addition to the vac. Basswood dust is one of the issues I have in controlling my sinus infections and allergies. I can really tell if I try to cut something quick and don't use the mask and/or the shop vac.

          My dad in law used a 2HP Grizzly dust collector in his shop and it did an excellent job. Not sure my wife would let me use my saw in the house!!!!


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            I should mention that it is in a former bedroom in the basement of the house. Most of the basement is unfinished, and the noise isn't too bad in the rest of the house!

            Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions!


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              You might try buying some reducing pvc fittings and use your old shop vac, that would be the least expensive solution


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                I like Bruce's suggestion. You could also block some of the spots that leak- window gasket on the wheel covers, etc.
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                  Rockler sells many attachments that would let you step down from 4inch port to use your existing vac. Having a unit in your house I would suggest you add a ceiling air cleaning to the room in addition to whatever vacuum system you end up with. There is a fair amount of fine floating dust that is not captured by the vac system that will be drawn into the house by the houses air handling equipment. Jet and others make very good air cleaning units.
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                    Congratulations on the new Laguna, I bought one a few years ago and never regretted it. I have a Delta dust collector connected to it and it works like a charm. Of course the noise is a pain, but that is better to deal with than the dust! Ear muffs protectors are a must. Enjoy the saw, I certainly do mine. It gets lots of use.

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