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Honest opinions of the Woodcarver Supply tools, please!

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    The ones I have are good and perform well. They are not cheaply made by a long shot. He's been in business for a good while. Been dealing with them before he moveditvall to Florida.


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      Not to sure on the quality? I was not at all impressed by their customer service!!


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        Hi! II have 2 sets of these tools from woodcarvers supply.
        I was told not to buy them from many people because they are cheap Chinese made tools.
        I researched them and bought them anyway.
        Yes they were cheap in price and yes they are made in China. They are hand forged in a community that has been making these kind of tools for generations for wood carvers.
        I bought them about 6 or so years ago. I use them almost daily. They are wonderful. I carve very hard woods like holly, maple, osage orange, madrone, walnut, manzanita and other really hard woods. I have never been disappointed with them or frustrated as I was told I probably would be if I bought them.
        I have only stropped them on a piece of leather or cardboard. Sometimes with the yellow flexcut compound if they are more dull. These tools really hold an edge. i use them mainly like palm gouges, even though they are bigger. I always were a glove and try not to force them to take off to big of slivers. learned the hard way. I have used them a little bit with a neoprene mallet and they were good that way. I wouldn't use a real heavy hand if doing mallet work.
        These are beveled different than my two cherries, old English tool and buck brother tools i have.
        They are made for super hard woods. Like i said, just don't try to take to big of slivers off with them.
        Like I said I have 2 sets and have bought a few extra. I have 30 + individual tools of them all together. I use them all depending on what I am doing.Some are used more then others.

        If i had to leave my home in a hurry, I would throw them in a back pack, a long with a couple of pocket knives in my pocket and go. If i lost them or they were destroyed, I would buy them again.
        I love these tools!
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          Originally posted by DLarabee View Post

          Hi Pallin,

          Also, Woodcraft Stores all across the country make a point to support woodworkers and carving clubs and usually offer a 10% discount any time of the year, so that is a discount that can't often be argued.
          While it may be a Woodcraft Stores Company policy to support carving clubs, I believe that, how and what kind of support is left up to each store. One might discover that all stores are not equal.


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            I recently bought some gouges from a guy Darius I think his name is he is on facebook and ten gouges cost me about 100 bucks. they come sharp and the steel seems to be fine, havent had any problem I have been trying to talk him into making me a knife but not yet. there is another guy on fb who sells to spoon carvers and he sells a knife a bent gouge and a hook knife for about 35, I got those and they are as good as anything out there. So, yeah pfeil has the name but there are other folks making tools that are reasonable and done well. I would have my druthers about chinese steel but those guys from lithuania and the ukraine are selling some pretty good stuff imo, check out facebook under spoon carvers.


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              I spoke my piece about the vendor, but as to the tools.

              Pretty much any European tool is worth the money. Good steel, well shaped, well made.

              Chinese Master Carver - good steel, variation in shape, some well shaped, some not, fit and finish not up to the standard of the European tools, but for the price those things can be overlooked. I honestly feel any professional carver out their could make their living with the Master Carver tools, they are that good. Just not excited about the vendor. Here is a set probably made by the same smiths that pound out the ones for MasterCarver

              Former Soviet States - They make some good tools as well. I have some from Stryi that I like. Stryi is a Ukrainian company. You can order directly from their site or from an Etsy site they have.

              The service after the sale can be important. With most brands if you get a bum tool, you can send it back and get a replacement. I just refuse to deal with a company that puts road blocks in my way when trying to bet a replacement. They got $40 of mine. I spend 300 - 500 a year on carving tools. Guess what company is not getting any of that? Not a smart trade off for them, but they had their chance.