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    I’m looking to buy a new band saw. I currently have a 9” Ryobi. I need one that will cut bigger pieces of wood and cut easier. Any recommendations, I’ve been looking at some 14” but want to hear some of your opinions.

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    Bigger is better. Bigger often means more expensive. More expensive often means more features or capability.

    Think of flexing a piece of metal from straight to bent over and over. The tighter the bend, the sooner the metal will fail. I once had a bandsaw with three small wheels. That meant three bends and staightenings for every cycle of the main drive pulley. The blades would turn brittle and break. I have had a larger bandsaw for at least 65 years. Yes, I have to replace blades - they get dull over time.
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      My little Ryobi is set up with proper feeler gauge tolerances as per the book.
      The blades wander like drunks. Every blade. New blades won't cut straight for more than 10' in 1" birch.

      I'd buy another & bigger 10-12" saw in a minute but I do not have the floor space.

      Brian T


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        Hi CS
        I had a 10 " craftsman for years(20) bought a 14 trademaster second hand , bought some good blades 4tpi x 3/8 in,cuts like a hot knife in butter, Check you local buy and sell ads ,. You will be over joyed when you move up the ladder in band saw size


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          My wife bought me a 14" bandsaw from Grizzly about 10 years ago. It is a great saw. In the last catalog, I think the saw is around $600.00. I am sure you can find one cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot. My father in law had a Delta which was great, too. You can actually get a riser kit and be able to cut thicker pieces of wood if you like.

          I use a 3/16" 4TPI blade, and it does a great job of cutting my blanks I use for carving.


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            I'm gonna cast my vote for either of two Deltas. I own a 14" Delta I bought used somewhere around 20 years ago, from the auction of a shop I'd been working at. It was not abused. I always use the same blade configuration, and is it so reliable I can put a new blade on and not have to change any of the setup to have it track perfectly.

            The other Delta I liked was a small cast iron framed three wheel model- I'll try to get a pic and model number for it- It had a smallish footprint, a nice size throat, and the three wheel configuration flexed the blade less than most small wheel designs. It was very reliable.

            Buffalo Bif


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              I just bought a WEN two speed 10" bandsaw online through Home Depot two months ago. It cost less than $300 and they delivered it right to the house, but it did required assembly. I got a local handyman to assemble it for me for a few bucks. It's a great saw though...I like it so far.
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                Thanks to all the replies, I will consider the information you have talked about. I have been looking at a Rikon and I was wondering if anyone had used one of them before? They have good reviews.


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                  I have Rikon of the line. Can not say anything other then if you want a top of the line ....stick with the old company that people will rave about their machines. I am on the fence about this machine....costly maintenance. I rather have a small Jet right now....she cost more other brands....but they are darn good machines used by some of the best wood craftsmen. . The bigger she is ....the more costly the blades..... mine cost over a hundred dollars. Advice stick to a mid-size unless you are doing big work....a lot. Watch tons of videos ....get on other forums and see what people say. Most of all read lots of reviews about the pro and cons of each machine.
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                    i have the 14 inch rikon, about a 8 inch throat there have been times i could have used a bigger saw but rare. It will take just about anything you throw at it. there is a trick to keeping it adjusted and running large pieces thru it but well lets say thee is a learning curve. I have the table top model the 321 and it has saved me a lot of work isince i had it. just remember a big saw thrwos a lot of big dust be ready to look at a soltion for dust as well. they are really not a bad machine for the price


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                      Thanks. I went ahead and got the Rikon 10-326. I love it so far.