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We use such tools in Germany and Europe.

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  • We use such tools in Germany and Europe.

    Hello Woodcarver in USA, Canada,

    Here is a link from a German Internet shop, there you can see which tools and accessories in Germany and Europe is mainly used for carving.

    I do not want to advertise this shop I just want to show what we Europeans work with.

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    A good selection of roughouts!

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      Good variety of gouges. Do you see wood carving tools from Stubai, Aurioux and Pfeil?
      Brian T


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        Thanks for the post, most interesting.
        . . .JoeB


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          Hello Robson Valley,

          In this shop you can buy Stubai and Dastra carving tools. Not from the company Pfeil. The company Pfeil dictates to the dealers how expensive they must "sell" the tools. No dealer may sell the carving dies cheaper, as the company Pfeil dictates.
          Therefore, this shop sells no more carving tools from this company.

          The company Pfeil is from Switzerland
          The company Stubai is from Austria
          The company Dastra is from Germany

          The companies Stubai and Dastra make the better carving iron. These carving tools have the better steel, they have more carbon content. You can sharpen these steels sharper than the company Pfeil. The carving tools of Dastra and Stubai stay sharp longer.

          I know what I'm writing about, I use the carving tools from all three manufacturers.

          It is said that the best you can get here in Europe would be the carving iron from the English company Ashley. I have not carved with such carving tools, they are too expensive!


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            I only own a couple Ashley Iles, but own about 10 Dastra. In the US the Ashley Iles are cheaper, at least in the fishtail style which I prefer. Dastra are top notch and of the German made carving tools, I prefer them. They are still made by hand by a family operation.

            Here is a video of Dastra's operation. and another showing the actual making of tools
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              what you write is true! The Dastra tools are very good. A very good carbon steel.
              Thank you for the interesting video.
              I hope you do not mind if I show the videos in my German Woodcarver Forum.
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                Originally posted by Tasmandevil View Post
                I hope you do not mind if I show the videos in my German Woodcarver Forum.
                By all means, please do so. It looks like the videos were posted by Patrick Damiens, a very good wood carver.

                Plus, I'm guessing you have the benefit of understanding the language of the video. I'm of German decent, but have no skill with the language.


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                  does dastra make knives?


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                    Yes, Dastra also makes carving knives. Here is the complete tool catalog from Dastra.



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                      If in the US, this is the importer to talk to I don't think he stocks everything, but can order it. Frank Mittermeyer used to be the only place to get them, but I think he's left the business and now Ron Diefenbacher handles them. I've dealt with both with good results.


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                        would be interesting for me to know what you have to pay in USA / Canada for carving and carving knives from "Dastra".

                        Many Thanks


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                          I compared the Diefenbacher price for a few Dastra gouges with the Woodcraft price for the same Pfeil gouges:
                          #3-12mm straight, full size: Dastra - $39, Pfeil - $40;
                          #9-8mm, straight, full size: Dastra - $42, Pfeil - $39;
                          #3F-14, fishtail, full size, Dastra - $59, Pfeil - $47.50