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    whoops I think I put my previous post in the wrong place. Anyway to start over, there is a bunch of videos on you tube about sharpening the high end japanese kitchen knives like 500-700 each and I have learned a heck of a lot since watching them. Here is a link to one but there is several and I apologize for putting the other post in the wrong place. Check it out this young guy really knows his stuff

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    Thanks Rick. There is good info in that video. A coarse medium and fine abrasive and a strop are all anyone needs. In the past I've been down on waterstones for carving tools but have played around with waterstones in the last six months and am changing my tune. The long and short is they work fine, but you'll need to do more upkeep on keeping them flat than oil or diamond, but not as much as I previously thought.

    Part of what brought me around is that I had been using diamond stones. I used exclusively oil stones prior to that. Well on oilstones you press hard. Diamond is different, if you press that hard you will wear them out quick and at what they cost, it's a pretty good incentive not to push so hard.

    Then it occurred to me, in the past when I'd used waterstones, I used them like an oilstone which is to say with a lot of pressure. That much pressure with the small footprint of most carving tools is asking for grooves in your stones - which I acheived.

    Since waterstones can cut so fast and are generally soft compared to other stones, I realized that with less presure, i.e., pretend they are diamond and use little more than the weight of the tool I've been able to get nicer edges and not have to flatten stones that often. FWIW, I use the King stones which tend to be on the softer side anyway, but I like the feedback from those much more than the others I've tried.
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