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    Ok im not the worlds best sharpener, and I hate to strop but here is something I discovered by being my normal lazy self. Everyone know about putting a piece of sandpaper on a drill to sharpen right? well i have been using a cordless impact driver mainly because it runs to smooth compared to a drill. Well after you sharpen 3 or 4 knives the sandpaper is pretty well shot right? Ok , so now here comes the brainstorm. I put some honing compound on the worn sandpaper and then use that to strop the knife. Amazing results. And its fast. Obviously you have to watch the bevels on both side and heat but the little impact driver runs so smooth there doesnt seem to be much heat build up. Try it, worn sandpaper compound and shine er up. Anyway it works for me.

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    How do you attach the sandpaper to the drill? Do you mean a conventional sanding disk or sandpaper wrapped around the chuck somehow? I guess I don't know about putting a piece of sandpaper on a drill even though you say I should (or maybe I'm not included in "everybody" - darn, feeling left out again). Also, when you say putting sandpaper on a drill, do you mean sharpen the drill or use it to sharpen something else?



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      they make sanding mandrels for drills some are velcro and some are stick on. I use primarily the velcro ones, i suggest you look at a company called 2 sand and it will give you a good picutre of what im talking about and they are reasonable. you can get them in all different weights 80 to 1000 and they stick on the velcro pretty well when some otheres dont. I use a drill for sanding for just about everything from big bowls to little critters. If you have a foredom of course they have different sanding options and dremel but i find that anything big, like a 6 inch 80 gril will destroy the cable in a foredom so i use the drill. check it out. there are some direction on the net to make your own and i have tried it and some have worked but most not. anyway if you need further let me know but i think if you look at 2sand an there are others it will self explain itself.