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Bit not "centering" in the MasterCarver Stealth handpiece

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  • Bit not "centering" in the MasterCarver Stealth handpiece

    Folks I've been using the MasterCarver for a number of years now and recently decided to purchase a new Stealth handpiece. After it arrived I put it to use. I needed to smooth a piece out with a fine burr and I noticed the burr "chattering" over the piece as I worked a section of the piece. I noticed the burr was spinning with a slight wobble. The wobble is not noticeable using a rough burr, however, when smoothing, it's a different story. I tried several "tricks" to center the burr all to no avail. I finally decided to return the handpiece. It was inspected and took nearly three weeks for the seller to make up his mind that, yes, the handpiece did not infact center the bit and I was sent another handpiece.... You guessed it, the new handpiece was doing the same thing. I decided not to deal with another MasterCarver Stealth and plan to purchase a Foredom handpiece. I've heard they will easily fit onto the MasterCarver shaft. I looking forward to trying the Foredome handpiece. Anyone have any ideas or comments about the Stealth handpiece and/or the Foredom handpiece?

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    Dave: is it possible that your burr shaft is ever so slightly bent?
    You could place the burr on a flat surface, put a dot on the shaft with a marker pen, then give it a push a few times and see if the dot is always in the same position when it comes to rest...
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      Thanks Claude. I've rolled my burrs on glass and also checked my two other handpieces and the burrs run perfectly. I chose not to get into sending back the second one but they do know about it. They didn't really believe the handpiece wasn't a problem. I was disappointed with the way it was treated so I opted just to go to another manufacturer.


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        I have had both hand peices and units. The hand pieces do inter change. I prefer the Foredom hand piece. To me it is a better built handpeice . And I believe you will be happier with it.


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          I find bits some times chatter if they are not far enough into the jaws so slip the shaft further into the jaws and give it a try.


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            Tons of complaints on this subject on the internet. Always seem to come from one place. When I do business with most places....they not only replaced the thing but sometimes I got free things. There was one place that did cost me alot before I understood.....that you cannot be running into the same brick walls. By the way..... same place....eight years ago....flushed some good money down the drain. Nothing has changed.