My wife and I just got back home from spending 5 days in Branson, MO. While we were there, I made the pilgrimage to Peter Engler Designs and his tool shop! I have to say if you are ever in Branson, please go by and see the carvings from Gerald Sears, Desiree Hejny and other great carvers!

Well, in my state of sensory overload, I ended up buying a tool I already owned! So, with that said, I am going to give any of you the opportunity to benefit from my goofiness!

I have a long handled OCCT Tools, 5/8", soft V tool, VGLB, that I will offer for $33.00, shipped, to your address. I will eat the sales tax and shipping! I paid $32.95 for it, and the sticker is still on the cylinder the tool came in.

Give me a shout if you are interested! I can post pictures if needed!