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Carving Steel Branding Irons.

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  • Carving Steel Branding Irons.

    You can buy them, they cost a lot,some are electric and the mark they make is quite big.

    I use a Dremel with cutoff wheels to carve a brand pattern in the 3/4" diameter head of a steel 8" or a 10" nail ($0.50 each).
    Grind the nail head flat. Draw the reverse pattern with a fine Sharpie marker.
    Maybe need a drill with a 1/8" bit. Don't have to go very deep, 1/16" is plenty.
    I use a ShopVac with a 2 quart milk jug on the end (cut open) for dust control.

    A handle is a good thing. I heat mine with a bottle torch, time and temp are different for every wood.

    Den: These are the only pictures I can find. The dark stuff is a slab of local slate = my fireproof workbench! BirchDs.jpgBrands.jpg

    Brian T

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    I've wanted to try that sometime, with my signature, I might have to go a bolt with a larger head. Thanks for nudging the creatness
    . . .JoeB


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      I forgot to mention: You can use such a branding iron as an afterthought.
      It does burn it's way through 4 coats of MinWax Tung Oil Protective Finish very nicely.
      Brian T


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        Very nice. Blacksmiths make a similar stamp from tool steel called a touchmark. Besides Dremel cutoff wheel, a carbide bit like one would use with a die grinder will work well.


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          Good idea RV and looks good too thanks for the tip.


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            I made one out of the Nichrome wire that fit my Colwood hand pieces. Used a piece of wire I got from Colwood and some fancy bending.


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              One last thing. I buy wood carvings. Some people have styles that I admire. Not my wood, not my style, not my designs.
              I don't blink, I don't ask about price = I want it.
              What twists my shorts are carvers who don't have the common sense to sign their works. It means a great deal to me.
              One Maker's Mark deserves another, yes? Pass the ice, please.
              Brian T


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                Yes guys very good topic, all very good ideas. I believe I have some nichrome wire some where, now finding it.... I like the idea of using the woodburner as it will stay hot....
                Hell there are no rules here...we are trying to accomplish something. Thomas Alva Edison
                Blogging about it at...

                Direct link to my Woodcarving Illustrated Gallery


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                  Except for the production spoons and forks, I finish carvings one or two at a time.
                  I enjoyed carving steel. A torch and a branding iron has a western appeal to me.
                  A little birch or cedar branding smoke in the shop is OK.

                  Some day, I'd like to get a fancy brass brand made up but all I see are too big.
                  I want something nickle-dime coin size.

                  Years ago, there was a carving member of this parish who had fine motor control challenges.
                  Once they got the knife stuck into the wood, they were OK. That led to an unmistakable style.
                  So I carved a branding iron for them that their caregiver could use to mark each carving.
                  Oddly, the quality of the steel carving was far better than anything I've made for myself!
                  Brian T


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                    thanks for the post RV , i like it and will get around to trying it.

                    photos at........