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Review of Schaaf Carving Tools

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  • Review of Schaaf Carving Tools

    I love these tools but thought that you guys might enjoy a video on them from someone else. Enjoy and have fun.

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    While I am glad to see a new company enter the market, not selling anything but a starter set leaves these of little interest to me. Availability of various sizes and profiles has kept me adding Pfeil chisels to my original set of Pfeils. I have recently ordered some Stubai fishtail gouges as I am not in a great hurry for them. I hope they are worth the wait.


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      I looked at the variety of sweeps in the Schaaf tool set. Much more useful for both relief and round than I expected (better than Pfeil sets).
      I don't use gouges much any more. I would like to buy a couple of Schaaf from open stock, just to see what they're like. #5 and #7 sweeps are useful to me.
      Brian T


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        I know they are working up more profiles and sizes, but as a startup, they had to start somewhere. I'm planning a review in the upcoming issue of WcI.

        Best Regards,
        Bob Duncan
        Technical Editor, Woodworking/DIY