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Grit comparison info from Woodcraft

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  • Grit comparison info from Woodcraft

    image.jpeg Here is a page of info that might come in handy when comparing grits.
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    Interesting Tom, thanks for posting. I use oil stones and finish with hard Arkansas, but never knew or thought about the grit. Easy to look at sandpaper for the same thing.

    Raised and taught with oil stones, so have a natural proclivity to use them.
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      For some years now, I've been using the silicon carbide wet&dry automotive finishing sandpapers from 3M, sold through Lee Valley.
      The numbers don't match well for grit grades and nominal grit particle sizes. About what I expected (no standard).
      I really like the plan to measure the grit particles and tell us what they are.

      2,500 grit = 0.5 u (micrometer)
      2,000 = 1u
      1,500 = 3u
      1,200 = 6.5u
      1,000 = 9u
      600 = 15u

      I suppose just pick a series from one brand and get busy. 800, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 are all I need.

      Chromium Oxide honing compound is often listed as 0.5u.
      Aluminum Oxide honing compound is often listed as 0.25u.
      Brian T


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        Hey Tom here is a couple of more to go with your informative chart
        . . .JoeB


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          Good info.