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Older carborundum stones?

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  • Older carborundum stones?

    Anybody here use these for sharpening. I have some medium and fine stones. I think it may be time for cleaning them. Some folks have said to soak them in kerosene as part of the restoring of these stones. Comments?

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    I believe that carborundum grits are so big that they are really good for rough edge sharpening and shaping.

    Close your eyes. Run your fingertips over the stone and over several sandpapers.
    Do you get any sense of what feels the same? feels different?
    Anything bigger than 400, maybe 320, is too rough for the "carving sharp" for carving.

    For cleaning, very light machine oil, a scrub with a brass bristle BBQ brush, a little more oil and soak it up with paper shop towel.
    I can see a soak in kerosene but some kind of a scrub and some kind of a blotting up of "crud" will be needed.
    Brian T