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Modifying a   carving tool for age related problems

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    So true, Pallin. I've watched my 9/15 and my 5/35 in western red cedar. I've never had 1/2 the edge in the wood.
    Mind you, that's still a big bitecompared with a practical bite from an 8/7.

    With a big mallet, I need gloves for the shock and the most gentle ofgrips toavoid hand pains.
    Brian T


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      thats one gripe i have always had with knife makers they put out a excellent knife great steel and all shiny but basically stick the thing in a dowel and send it out so your stuck carving with what amounts to a penciul i have more and more got the blanks and make my own handles and have even cut blades out of the handle and remake a more ergonamic handle (spelling)


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        A lot of good information about Knife Handles , I hope I'll be able to remember it when My Hands start to Cramp up . I'm 87 yrs. and feel that I'm very Lucky in that area . My Knife Handles are different sizes and lengths , whatever Blade I want to use I just pick it up and use it , not worrying about the size of the Handle . As Joe said about the Ideaus Boys , I watch out for the Mortise Boys , ( Reggor ) . Merle