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Cover for spoon/hook knives

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  • Cover for spoon/hook knives

    I recently purchased a couple of new blades from Deepwood Ventures and put handles on them. They were as sharp as I hoped they would be and I decided I needed to make some type of cover to protect them and myself! I wanted something that was easy to put on and take off, as some covers I have used fit so snugly that it made me a little nervous taking them out. I saw some similar to these that someone was selling on the Internet, but they are pretty easy to make. Basically, get a piece of wood that is as thick as the blade is wide (or slightly thicker) and trace the outline of the blade. Cut out the slot with either a band saw or scroll saw and make sure the blade slides in and out easily. I glued some thin walnut on the bottom and used a similar piece on the top with a screw for the hinge. I sanded all the edges flush with a belt sander and called it done! Everything is nice and secure, well protected, and ready for travel. Thanks for looking!
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    That's as good a 'fix' as any I've seen. Now, when you are on the move, are those in some sort of a bag or tool box?
    Brian T


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      Very nice idea. Thanks for sharing.


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        I have a Stanley tool bag that I carry tools in when I travel. It holds a surprising amount of tools for it's size. I usually carry my bench tool holder with selected palm tools and knives, but there is room for my full size tools in a tool roll and a mallet, and other odds and ends.
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          Great idea! Thanks for posting it.


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            Great idea, Mike!

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              Mike - You've taken a different approach to cutting edge protectors. Your years of carving help you to avoid complicated solutions, i.e. covers that are hard to put on or get off. Thanks


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                Awesome idea Mike! Thanks for sharing!