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    I love my Eli Vise and I LOVE to tinker! I’ve made several different brackets so I can attach the vise to any table top with a couple clamps. Due to a knee that objects to long periods of standing I sit when carving. So I’m constantly repositioning my work. After a couple years I noticed the threads on the base plate of my Eli Vise were deteriorating. I considered a heli-coil but end up going with a 3 3/4” piece of all thread, standard and coupling nuts, two stainless steel washers and a ratcheting wrench.

    The all thread was installed through the base with a little loc-tite far enough that the standard nut can be snugged up to back up the damaged threads. The coupling nut provides about five times as much thread surface and I think actually results in less effort required to secure your work.

    The reason I decide on the all thread fix was I figure when these threads get worn all I need to do is cut off another piece of all thread and I’m back in business. I do put just a tiny dab of copper anti-seize on the threads.
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    Thanks for the info, Ed. I don't use my Eli vise for most of my work, as my carvings are usually too small, but for the larger ones, I love the Eli vise's holding power. I have mine mounted on a piece of 2x6 that I can clamp to my bench with a couple of F-clamps.

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