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Jet JWBS-12 bandsaw

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  • Jet JWBS-12 bandsaw

    Hey guys,

    Kind of new into the hobby and looking for a band saw. I saw this 12" jet on Craigslist. The guy said he'd go down to 500 but the price seems kind of high. Although I have no clue or if this even a good model. I know they don't make 12" any more. Any help would be appreciated.


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    It depends on the size you want, but Harbor Freight sold a 9" band saw for somewhere around $100 several years ago. It is a bit "rough" but suits my needs. However, I'm going to sell it as most of my carving now doesn't require a band saw, so it all depends on what you want to carve.
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      I waited to see overnight what other opinions might be on your question. Several of this model were sold in the $300 range new, didn't have the fence though. Customer satisfaction mentioned a wimpy leg stand. I see from Amazon a 14" Jet 1hp model with a much better base can be bought for 719 includes freight. I worked with boys in our church and bought this bandsaw to use in their projects. I had used my craftsman with them earlier and there is no comparison. The jet is incredible to saw with, set up correctly. I think 500 is a bit too high and here is the address of the one on Amazon, hoping I am not breaking a rule with the moderators.


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        I thought I was reading around 300 new. Even the added fence and mobile cart didn't seem to make it worth that much for a 10+ yr old saw. I don't want a 100$ harbor freight piece. I'd like to be able to cut down 6" boards. I saw the jet one but was hesitant between that one and the grizzley 14" with the fence


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          rule of thumb on used equipment is half the original price MAX. I've never paid more. I've never asked for more.
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            It's easy for me to sit here and spend "your" money, but my advice is ; buy "new" and buy the best one you can afford. If you buy new you shouldn't have any problems with it, but if you do at least you'll have some sort of warranty to fall back on.
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