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Re-learning the same lesson

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  • Re-learning the same lesson

    You'd think I would have learned by now. I've had this knife for 10 years and I've probably broken the tip off a half dozen times. Each time, I grind down the back of the blade and re-shape the point while cursing myself for repeating the same mistake. But this time I'm serious: no more deep curving stop cuts with this blade! And no more roughing, either. Wonderful blade, that Helvie, but doesn't stand up to the kind of abuse I inflict when I'm in a hurry. Maybe I should slow down?

    This one will become more of a detail knife. It's great for taking very small and thin slices. I'll use the old 2" Denny knife for hogging.


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    I'm using a Moor large chip carving knife for all sorts of long, curved, dragging stop cuts in formline carving in western red cedar. Lean into it as I might, why I have not broken that blade is a true puzzle to me.
    Fairly goofy looking plastic handle but it does give good control.
    Brian T


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      Sometimes the only appropriate thing to say is “Hmmm?”


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        So far I haven't broken any knives...yet. I can easily see how it can happen but some knives are stronger than others. Have some Flexcut knives that I abuse. I have OCC and Drake a lot less so. Thanks for the reminder and I think we all can use it.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Well, it looks like a good save∙∙∙∙again
          . . .JoeB