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timber wolf bandsaw blades

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    About how long do they last and what type of cutting and wood? The band saw might not be adjusted correctly?

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      Just a note on an past issue with timber wolf blades. I have Rikon Pro. 18 inch.
      Bandsaw Blade Timberwolf 162″ in length and 3/8″ kept major breaking and I only use exotic hardwoods. The darn blades kept breaking with a small amount of time on them. And I kept running to have them fixed...finally he told me, that he was major having issues with that size blade and length size blades,....could not figure out why but everyone was complaining about breakage. I just went up a size blade and stop having issues. Before that, I had major had repairmen coming in and trying to fix the bandsaw as figured that something was wrong with the bandsaw??....and the works and those darn blades kept on breaking. Since I changed size no of those weird things? I don't know what caused the issue a bad set of metal?? or bigger bandsaw causes issues. It was bad, every time I used the band saw I was just waiting to hear that darn pop, of a broken blade. Talk about oh .... moment as changing blade is not fun and expensive.
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