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  • Great Horned Owl Helpful tools

    Vince wanted to see new tools. These tools are a little different than our regular carving tools' I found these tools that I made very helpful for my full size Great Horned Owl carving that I am working on. The Proportional Divider or Prospect ,I used the prospect to enlarge my pattern from 10" to around 18" and transferred measurements to my cut out Owl blank it saved a lot of time not having to measure each time I wanted to transfer measurement's to the blank. I also made a large pattern maker I had a small one but would not work on a large Owl it helped me with roundness and contours I only had to buy square squires at the dollar store. The tripod I picked up at a garage sale cheap . It is heavy duty rotates, tips, adjustable for height a great find. Tools can be found on YouTube how to make and use,
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    Thanks for the pictures. Those are very useful looking tools for wood carving.
    Not everything is a knife or a gouge. I have a big tool box full of those kinds of things.
    A soft cloth dress-maker's tape measure is so handy (48" for $1.00).

    I like your contour pattern maker. Clever use of materials.
    Sure would be useful to get left and right sides to match for shape.

    Take a look at the Lee Valley Pantograph ( # 07K0601). By adjusting the pivots, you can scale drawings up or down by as much as a factor of 10. Then again and again for any size.
    The real problem that you can't see is that the arms are very light weight wooden strips.
    I got fed up with the thing jiggling and bouncing and skating around.
    So, I cloned the arms with 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum strips. Now it sits where I want it to.
    Brian T


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      I would not have thought of that!! great idea for hands free carving.