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  • Buck Brothers England Carving Tools

    I know that Buck started chisel manufacturing in England and eventually moved to the United States where the company continued for a long time. At some time Buck Brothers ceased manufacturing carving tools in the USA and they showed up as Buck Bros., England. I always wondered where in England they were manufactured. I recently purchased a lot of carving tools at an estate sale, most of which were H. Taylor with boxwood handles. There were three which were different. One was a standard H. Taylor with a beech (?) handle and two were H. Taylor with Buck Bros. handles. I initially thought the previous owner had just swapped them out. On closer examination the No. 3 with Buck handle had the H. Taylor stamp with acorn, while the No. 14 (curved 4) was marked Buck Bros. England and over stamped H. Taylor with acorn. I think I have answered my question.
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    I am not familiar with the names, but these are fine looking carving tools! Hopefully the quality didn't change with the company apparently acquiesced.


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      Buck Bros. mfg by H. Taylor were probably the last good chisel with the Buck name. You can buy Buck Bros. carving tools today for less than $30 per set. Probably made in China with heavy plastic handles. They claim that their bench chisels are made in the USA. They don't claim the same for these.


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        If you look on Ebay, you will find old production buck brothers with the wooden handles being sold for 28 to 45 dollars. I love these cast steel tools and i believe they rival the more popular Austrian and Swiss tools.