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pfeil gouges #3-#9

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  • pfeil gouges #3-#9

    pfeil gouges #3-#9 data sheet
    data sheet gouges #3 - #9 .pdf
    related 2017 catalog
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    I cannot get the link to to work. You should note the source for your data sheet. If it is you, say so.


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      Thanks, link should work now.


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        Thanks for the link to the Pfeil catalog, there's a lot more to them than I ever imagined.
        The tracery-bent gouges look so crazy, I'd like to own a few. As I'll never be carving church windows, I'll let them go.

        As the years rolled by and my familiarity with gouges improved, I realized 2 things:
        1. the nature of the shape of the mark left by each of the different sweeps and
        2. the width of the gouge.
        That made it much easier to lay my hand on the size and shape that I need to carve what I have seen in the wood.

        Brian T


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          Thanks for p-osting these, John!

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            Yea that is bad thing about looking at these catalogs all the new tools you want to get. As Brian said, I did not know they sold such a wide range. I am oh wow I could use that one and that one and that they cost beyond my range also.


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              Like everyone else, I drool over all the gouges...then I remember all the videos I've seen of beautiful carvings done by impoverished third world carvers using just a couple of primitive, handmade tools...and I realize that while an array of fancy equipment is nice and helpful, it won't make up for my lack of talent.

              But I'd still like to get all the goodies!