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  • Arnold Koch- Big Boy knives

    Hello carvers, just wondering if anyone has heard of these Big Boy carving knives. Was trying to order an OCCT knife from Chipping Away here in Canada and it was out of stock so they suggested one of these knives instead. I can’t find much info on him or his knives. Thanks

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    Home>Hand Woodcarving Tools & Accessories>Quality Wood Carving Knives>Big Boy Woodcarving Knives>Large Big Boy Carving KnifeLarge Big Boy Carving Knife

    CA $42.00

    Our Big Boy Woodcarving Knives are just that! They are made for those carvers with large hands in contrast to the usual standard handle size. Furthermore they are available with Large blades 2″ long; Medium blades 1.5″ long and Detail blades 1″ long.
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    Large Big Boy Carving Knife - Chipping Away › quality-carving-knives

    Don't if this helps
    . . .JoeB


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      Thanks Joe but I had this info. My daughter was ordering an occ detail knife from them but they were out of them and this is what they suggested as an alternative to the occ one. I just can’t find any info on the big boy knives and if anyone on here has one or has used them. Cheers


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        It would appear that if you want additional information you need to query Chipping Away and get the contact info for Arnold Koch. The ad states that they are for carvers with large hands. I'd want to know how big the handles really are. For instance, I have a couple of OCCT knives that I've shorten the handles on because they were to big for my preferences. Also, I'd want to know the thickness of the blades and the grind. Does it vary from one length of a knife to another. Again, just for instance, I find that Flexcut blades are thicker than I prefer and have a V-grind that doesn't meet my needs.


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          Thanks for the comments Eddy. I can’t seem to find any info on those knives not even on Google which I find very strange. Doesn’t matter now I found a supplier in Canada that had an OCCT detail knife that I was looking for in the first place. Hope it is as good as all the reviews I have read on them. I use Flexcut knives now and also find that the blades are just to thick. I don’t know why Flexcut doesn’t just start grinding their knives like all of the rest of the makers, you would think it would be an easy change for them. Any way if the OCCT one works out I will be getting another couple of them and saying goodbye to Flexcut. Cheers


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            I either buy or repurpose both straight and crooked knife blades for carving. I make all the handles, including those for adzes, of a size to fit my hands. This took some fiddle but fast carving in soft cedar worked really well to figure it out.

            The concept is with your hand palm up, on the bench with a fist-grip, the tips of your second and third fingers should just touch the fat ball part of your thumb. Same principle as picking a tennis raquet handle size.

            The best for me is to begin to round off a 7/8" x 7/8" handle (or hand grip area) blank. I learned that anything from 3/4" up to 1" is comfortable. Outside of those, too big or too little to hold comfortably for a long time. I have big hands with long skinny fingers. Make a skinny handle and cover it with something like VetWrap until you realize that it's too fat to hold easily.

            What I see and measure with crooked knife blades is an assumption that bigger blades should be stronger (thicker steels) for bigger work. For the small stuff and little details, the blades are just little flakes of steel. Single-edged razor blades. Scalpel blades. Things like that.

            The Kestrel 'C' blade is bigger than I expected! But it's just right for hogging wood out of cutouts to get basic shapes in a hurry.
            Brian T


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              Good info there Brian. I finally have an OCCT detail knife on the way from a guy in Saskatchewan, a long way from Newfoundland but the closest I could find one to purchase. My daughter got it for Christmas for me and I can’t wait to get it and use it. Hope it’s as good as all the reviews I have read about these knives. Worst thing about it was the shipping was almost as much as the knife itself. $35 for knife and $25 for shipping, absolutely crazy. I would not want to ship anything heavy through postal service.