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    no doubt I struggle with sharpening I have everything out there and still struggle, anyway does anyone know how knife makers like halve, occ, cape forge whatever sharpen their blades? I have seen where some makers use a large sanding belt and a jig but that is too unwieldy for the home they have to have some way of turning out a keen edge quickly and dont tell me they are doing it by hand, it wouldnt be cost effective. so if anyone knows the secret and Im thinking its a trade secret can you enlighten me?

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    Here is a youtube video on how Helvie makes their knifes. A few minutes of talk before the video.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Swiss made.


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        Every Pfeil tool has an arrow stamped into the shank. In German(?) or Austrian(?), Pfeil = arrow.
        Nobody can tell me why they have to add SWISS MADE stamped into the handles.

        Which would you like, Rick?
        Make a knife blade from scratch or, keep an edge "carving sharp" all day?
        I don't own a belt sander but there's ways around that.
        Edge maintenance for me was learning when to stop carving and do some honing.
        Brian T


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          im actually surprised he is doing that freehand he must have a great touch