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    Hi there. Novice "medium" sized (say ~12" tall) wood spirit carver here. As a beginner, I'm trying to not buy a lot of tools that I don't "need", but from some tutorials I've watched it seems that a Home sweep chisel might be very handy. I do have some chisels that i inherited, but they are just typical old school general purpose "bench" type chisels. It seems to me that a good # 1 sweep carving chisel that I could whack with a mallet might be quite handy for making straight insert "cuts". Am i wrong? Is this a tool that folks carving similar objects would frequently use? If so, would you recommend single or double bevel?

    Thanks all!
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    If your wood spirits have beards, a veiner or v-tool would be good to have. Sizing would be up to you, but smaller is better.


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      To make things even more simple for you-----there are two different classifications for gouges Swiss (Pfeil tools) & Sheffield.
      In ether groups, a No.1 is a straight edge carving tool. I use a lot of different-sized No. 3 FlexCut when I'm caving.

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        Home sweep? I’m not familiar with this term except as it relates to a sports team’s home games.

        If you want to carve wood your going to have to buy some tools. flexcut is a good choice while your deciding if this is the hobby for you. They are well made cheap tools allowing you to have some variety with out breaking the bank.

        3, 7, 11 and 12 are the profiles I use most.

        I initially accumulated my tools buying used on eBay but I only recommend this if you are confident in your sharpening skills.

        I have never whacked a gouge you may want to rethink your choice of wood. But I’ve never heard of an insert cut either?


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          Blogs there is Something wrong at our web site this is supposed to be No, 3
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            I have a "cheap" Marples straight chisel, standard old single bevel. For setting edges and mallet use I think single bevel is superior. I keep it sharp and it works just fine for carving. My opinion, you don't need anything fancier.