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Spindle sander sleeves

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  • Spindle sander sleeves

    I have the Ryobi spindle sander and am glad I bought it 15 years on clearance. Anyway I have been frustrated with lack of low # grit sleeves. On a whim I went to and found what I needed for my handle making. They have grit from 36 up to 300, a deal for 10 <$12 , Quality seems very good,mcmaster, a huge industrial supplier from light bulbs to lathes, they have always had a huge selection of various steel plates O1, D2 etc. I live100 miles from them and received my order the next day. I am pretty sure they have warehouses eleswhere in the USA.

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    Have you looked at Klingspor?
    Sleeves for all types of Oscillating Spindle Sanders, Pump Drum sleeves, Detail Drum Sanding or Guinevere we have them!


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      I did look at Klingspor, the price is a little more as they sell in 3 packs.Mcmaster has shipped to me next day using USPS.