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  • A knife question

    To my knowledgeable friends this is a new one on me. What is the purpose of this style knife?
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    Great question!.....


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      This is a chipcarving knive. Every culture has its 'own' chipcarvingknives. On this site you can find many of them...
      In the moment I use the Pfeil Nr. 1 at the carving -school​...
      (Wanted to Insert a picture, but it did not work)...


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        yolli I thought that was a possibility I also thought about relief carvings. I knew you guys were smart. Thanks for the information.


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          Actually, there are a whole group of knives intended for cutting linoleum blocks. This is similar to woodcuts. Designs are cut into the blocks so that ink rolled onto the pattern can be transferred to paper sheets - a form of lithography. Much of M.C.Escher's early graphic works were woodcuts. Later he switched to wood engraving and lithography. The knife pictured is used with a drawing motion toward the carver, a little more stable for long lines than a skew or detail knife.