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my first vice p.s bought after cutting my finger!

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  • my first vice p.s bought after cutting my finger!

    my first vice its for use in my home. i dont think its stong enought for malet carving not that i know how to, but its got 2 3/4" opening on it's jaws and only a 1 1/2" depth.i think it might free up my hands so that i could manage my tools better. the thing is that the suction cup is amazing i gave it any kind of tug push pull or jerk that i could think off and it stayed put.. the stem on the ball is something like a nut cupling fited in a resses on the ball and it has a 3/8" rod running through it and is held at either end with nuts and lockwasher sthe body is some type of cast aluminum like the one fund on the body of porter cable tools only thinwalled.the suction cup is heavy dutty rubber the type that can dry and be rendered useless !!!hehehe!!! but i wont be putting it in the sun!!the vice head can be dismounted from the ball and rod, leaving me with a metal plate about 2by2 inches, i could probably make a plate to directly hold the subject with a couple of screws!its pritty sturdy though i would not give it any shock tretments cause it will crack..just like if you use a knife the rong way..i guess if used correct it ill give me my money's worth !!!!!!!!! all 20 euro that it cost me !!!! p.s i wanted to get that other one, you know which one i am saying, that expessive one the gray one but i cant get it in greece hehehehe o whell !!! what are yA going to do hehehehe!!!Apple