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Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

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  • Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

    I just bought this Dremel model 571-5 scroll saw on a
    whim at a flea market. It was used and dirty, so the first
    thing I did was take it apart and clean it up.

    It has no user manual, but I know where all the pieces go.
    Trouble is I do not know the order to put things back. Big
    problem is the spring that holds the two levers together at
    the back. When I get all the parts together on the one half,
    then force from the spring prevents the four screws from just
    going into the other half.
    What is the trick to getting the two halves together?
    Can anyone point to a PDF of a User Manual for a Dremel
    Model 571-5 ?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    Re: Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

    Hi Steve,
    I moved your thread here to keep it more on topic.

    I'm not sure how much help you'll get here on the Woodcarving Board. You may want to post your question on the Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts board
    Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts

    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      Re: Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

      My first Scrollsaw was a Dremel, not a bad saw at that.
      You might try the Dremel site and see if they don't have an owners manual that You can download? I may still have the manual but moved 8 yrs ago and have no idea what I did with it?


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        Re: Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

        Hi Steve, I tried a google search for the manual your asking about, and got lots and lots of hits for it. One had an asking price of $8.95, didn't look further, but might be a way of finding a pdf download if you look around on Google.


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          Re: Putting back Dremel Scroll Saw

          Not certain where but dremel does have a forum much like this one They may have a download. I went there once and they were real helpful I would google Dremel forum