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    Anyone know of a good pocket knife for whittling caracatures and small animals ? I was thinking that this one:

    W.R. Case Boy Scouts of America Whittler Knife

    had better blade shapes than Case's other "whittler" knives, but I'm wary of the stainless steel...


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    Re: Pocket Knives


    thats a good one i have one like that, that was modified a little and made a good whittler, the new stainless is good it will hold an edge once you have it good and sharp.



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      Re: Pocket Knives

      The stainless can be a little harder to get sharp but other then that isn't a problem unless ya don't like sharpening. Ya ever look at smokey mountian knife works they have tons of knives I mean tons of em.


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        Re: Pocket Knives

        If you can find a BSA Case whittler, BUY IT! The "official" one sold through Nationald BSA Supply WAS made by Camilus, but Camilus went ouit of business ayear or so back. Their new one seems to be made in China....looks the sme but I'd go for the Case if I could find it! her's a link to BSA Supply site andf that new knife.

        Boy Scouts of America Official Catalog -

        Just did a search on the net and it looks like Camilus MAY be back in business as a new corporation, so maybe they will be available again down the line...Case would be an excellent choice!



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          Re: Pocket Knives

          Last Christmas i recieved a Flex cut Carving Jack and It is a great pocket knife for carving well it was made for carving
          it has many different blades in it..
          Regular carving knife blade.
          3 different sized u gouges and a V or parting tool and also a i beleive its is called a skew
          they are expensive but you have it all and they come in either lefto r tieght handed .
          And they hold a good edge just a little buffing once and a while


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            Re: Pocket Knives

            Case is a good brand of knife, so you can't really go wrong there.

            My three 'carving' pocket knives cost 99 cents, $7.49 shipped on E-bay, and $7.99 from Harbor Freight.

            Buy one, play with it and make it work for you.


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              Re: Pocket Knives

              I have use this same Case Knife for years and like Bart modified the blades to better suit my purpose. Planning on another one when I go to the Case Factory outlet store on the way to the out laws.


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                Re: Pocket Knives

                I really like the Kershaw Double Cross. You can get it at among other places. If you get it there, you can have Rick sharpen it for you and it's sharp! He also does a couple other minor modifications that make it a great whittler. One change I made though was that I did modify the larger blade into a detail blade. Other than that, it's a good size, both blades lock open, and they hold an edge forever since they're stainless steel blades.

                Mike B