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Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

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    Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

    Or right after chopping up hot peppers....



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      Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

      wow eeee,
      tom h , thanks for making the mojo even better, rain water,Cajun blood, buckeye blood,super glue, man i hope i can receive one of those great knives.
      as they say "truly one of a kind", or priceless!
      so now plan "A" is to get to the carving place by sunup, but in case of nasty weather, plan "B".
      take a bus to Delaware Monday night, find a place to sleep up right and get a cab to the center, to be first in line for a swamp fox knife,
      if i knew where the Greek restraint was i could take a little wizard and maybe get a free cup of coffee?
      just think the blood of 2 great carvers on one blade??????/
      it take a lot to make this old man get excited but the juices are flowing,
      is it Monday yet?
      thanks all.
      thomp, mix some "New skin" with the super glue gel. works great, then the warts look clear, but in case of being fingerprinted, not to worry, will throw the system into a over load, and might identify you as an alien.


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        Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

        Hey Thomp,
        The ones you make are great! Hold an edge, doesn't take much to tune them up, and (so far) I haven't broke a blade. Works just like ya intended it too. Thanks,
        Jim OH


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          Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

          and thats for the guy who won 1st place at Converse,In, show this year,
          now i got to have one of those kinves,


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            Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

            I have one of Ricks's knives........I would not trade it for nothing. it stays sharp ...has a great feel ....and He must have spent days on the finish .....there was not a single flaw in finish ...I use it just for detail .....If you don't have one of ricks knives............I feel for you...... lol......he sure makes some good knives.



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              Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

              My reply is in blue below -


              Originally posted by Thomp View Post
              Being that ive made several straight razor carving knifes,
              i would like to get opinions of the owners and users of straight razor carving knives as to their performance and maintenance issues. if you think they apply.

              1. is a razor knife worth the difference in price? It was for me. Not so much for the steel, but because the knives fit my hands perfectly....and I mean perfectly. The extra price was for the fit more than the steel. But that's another story.

              2. have you broken the tip off or busted the blade? No. Not on a razor, but I have on others.

              3. did you have to change any carving practice to use the knife?: ie not pick or pry out chips, or stop making twisting cuts? I would not recommend prying out chips... regardless of the type of steel....even though I will do it sometimes (hence the broken tip comment for #2 above!). It's best to go back over previous cuts and loosen the chip. The razor steel seems more brittle and stiffer, so I also recommend not making twisting type cuts. I use my razors more for roughing out in a way that minimizes the twisting type cuts.

              One difference that I have noticed with the razor blades is that they seem harder and take a little extra honing to buff out scratches. I rarely use them for details (I like smaller blades for this purpose).

              other comments are definitely welcome if it pertains to straight razor carving knives or other hard metal tools. (high carbon content)
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                Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

                well sammy,
                i guess if what makes you a local is the fact that ive lived here in louisiana longer than any other place in my life, (or dose that make me an honorary implant?) i was born in Alabama raised in Colorado, but the in-laws still call me a **** Yankee... there all half bled cajons,
                but i been here long enough to be able to cook a gumbo, have a fish fry or a craw fish boil...

                jim oh, glad your getting good service from your knife and its holding up... thanks for your comments

                JIM QUILICI,
                i know the feeling about ricks knives, the one i have he worked over is fantastic, the finish appears deeper than anything ive ever been able to accomplish, its just curly maple but the depth of the finish looks 1/2" deep and slick as glass..

                i wondered what your secrete was in making such nice carvings..

                i try to think im carving with a piece of glass now, when using a razor knife, just to remind myself how brittle the blade really is,
                the one i broke was an experiment of sorts, as i ground the tip down so the blade wight was too thin or as thick as a exact-o blade or so, it chipped off back 3 times, till it got back to a thicker spot in the blade it started out with a cutting edge 3/4 or 7/8" and now its 5/8"
                so there is a limit in how thin the blades can be apparently...


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                  Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

                  My "Rick's Knives" are the two favorite tools in my tool chest! They cut like nothing else in the chest, hold and edge longer and can perform when all others fail. The handles are unique in their style and shape and so are the blades, I just wish I had a few more, cause I know my carving would improve even more.

                  I've never had one break, and I don't use special care one them, as I use the same care on all my tools, and these are much better (tougher) than them. I'm naturally careful with my tools and don't rush, ever.

                  Are they worth the price........ definately! Without a doubt or hesitation.

                  Would I buy another ...... definately. I wish Rick made more, but I understand his position and am thankful for what I have.

                  Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                    Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

                    Having just made 3 razor knives - I really like the way they cut. However...
                    1. is a razor knife worth the difference in price? really depends on your whittling/carving style(s). Basic rule I follow: You get what you pay for

                    2. have you broken the tip off or busted the blade? Unfortunately yes, not only the tip but I broke a big chunk too - but both were my fault, I was going to fast

                    3. did you have to change any carving practice to use the knife? Yes, I need to reduce my speed & REALLY 'pay attention' (two things I don't do too well)


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                      Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

                      The 2 razor knives you made for me a couple of years ago remain in active use. I make sure they're stropped before every use and they've not needed sharpening since you made them. They're a great example of a combination of great materials and superior craftsmanship.


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                        Re: Straight razor carving knife owners (openions)

                        Yep, I have one from Thomp, excellent!