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5 new knives

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    Re: 5 new knives

    Originally posted by windsong View Post
    Those are just great how well do they cut.Love the handles!!!!
    vic, the blade hasn't been made for that knife yet, i did put in a blade for the purposes of picture taking, it will be a reground straight razor, and with the comfortable grip "as this crayfish shape fills your hand" unless i get a bum straight razor i expect it to cut for months without re-sharping like the rest ive made... no complaints yet...

    tom h.
    But they stink as paint can openers an chip flickers
    if thats the only complaint you can come up with, they must be living up to my expectations,

    if you need a chip flicker sharpen a 16 penny nail,!

    thanks for the nice comment. corey..

    jim oh, thanks for the nice comment. glad to see your getting some use outta that knife, let me know if it gets to acting up...

    bill, im sure this craw fish shape wont be rolling off the table fer sure, nor none of these in this batch should be claimed by another carver, 1st... i dont think theres another carver in louisiana,, ha! least ways i haven't found em...

    heres another i made tonight, the wood fooled me, it was rough cut mahogany i thought but to look at it finished it looks more like butternut but its hard as pecan or walnut... and a knife makes a real polished cut into it not very deep though... and busted 2 bandsaw blades on it, guess it was just time for some new blades...


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      Re: 5 new knives

      Hi Thomp,

      Those are really beautiful knives. Great job, well done.
      Ron T.


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        Re: 5 new knives

        Well Thomas, Some of the finest knives around. Keep on keeping on.

        No since haveing same boring styl. Love the finish on you knives.

        Super job.


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          Re: 5 new knives

          Great looking knifes.