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    Was looking for some help in finding a power carving tool that would be good to start with but not break the bank. I'm trying to move up from a dremel with a flexable shaft. I know Foredom is a big name in power carving. However, I'm looking for something to do more detail than just hogging off wood. Does this tool offer both? I also saw the Ram brand. Anybody been down this road? Any suggestion are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: power carving tools

    There are a wide variety of power carving tools on the market today. A good place to start your research is with the issue before last of WCI

    How to Select the Right Power Carving Equipment

    Solomon, Charles,Hamilton, David
    An overview of the types of tools and different models
    Power Carving, Tools
    Summer 2009 issue #47, Page(s):42-47

    Once you narrow things down a bit and have questions about specific brands, etc.; you will find a lot of information coming to you from those of us that have that particular piece of equipment.


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      Re: power carving tools

      Like most here, I've progressed in what I want from my power tools for carving. I started with the typical Dremel, added the flex shaft and used that for 5-8 years before wanting more. As I progressed in size of carvings, I wanted something with more power to hog off wood in the roughing out stage. Got lucky and found a Foredom at an auction at a fraction of the cost of a new one and it has been a great roughing out tool. I've even purchased a couple of different handpieces for it. Since I use it only for the roughing out stage, I have a few larger bits just for that purpose.

      Then I decided I wanted something with more capability and control to do detail work as I wanted to use it for detailing birds--fine handwork with lots of control and flexibility. That's when I splurged and got a Ram micro carver. It's been a great addition and it takes the same bits as my Dremel.

      Like Paul recommends, I did quite a lot of research before I purchased my power tools. I talked to instructors and other carvers to see what they liked and why. Many let me try out their power carvers so I could "feel" how they performed for myself. That was so valuable and carvers are so good to share. There's been quite a bit of discussion on this thread about choices and when you get the time, surf back through some of the old postings.

      Good luck and have fun with this quest.

      Donna T
      From Missouri


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        Re: power carving tools

        Hi Elkram,
        Have you had a good look around in the power carving catagory on this forum? There are endless discussions on which tools do what and people saying which tools they like....

        Like Donna, I started out with the small dremel, I had a 5 speed dremel already and bought the shaft for it when I started power carving. It is a great little tool to decide if you want to power carve at all because it is generally pretty inexpensive compared to other power carving tools, it has more speed than the big shaft tools like Foredom, so you can do detail work with it (speed is better for fine detail) but you can also put a small roughing out bit into it for some hogging....

        Once you graduate from there and want more, you need to go in 2 different directions to get what you want...more power and hogging ability...large shaft tool such as Foredom.

        More control and higher speed for fine detail work....micro motor and you must not try to "hog" with one of those. Strictly fine detail work or you will burn it up and even a cheap one is not cheap....

        To confuse things a bit more, Foredom and Mastercarver brand, and a few other brands, make both large shaft tools and micro motors so you sometimes have to be paying close attention when reading a thread, to determine which tool is being discussed.

        I think if you spend some time looking through the "power carving" catagory on here, it will answer a lot of questions for you but if you still have some, just ask. We'll be happy to help you out.


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          Re: power carving tools

          Thanks for the info. everyone. I just recieved 2 issues of WCI dealing with this topic. Haven't had time to read yet but can't wait. Thanks for all your help.