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Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

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  • Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

    I purchased the two knives in the first pic a few years ago, but since I do not chip carve yet, have not had much use for them.

    I ground them with my bench grinder, using the frequent water dip technique I learned here on the forum (can't recall which thread) to keep them from losing their temper.

    I did not alter the sharp edge on the upper one, which has a kind of oddly distinct bevel, but is very sharp and cuts nicely. The increased 'pointyness' gives me access to tight places that I did not have with the half moon shape. I also wanted to try an 'angled in' blade after watching Chris Howard carve with one at a carving roundup. The knife was made for him by John Dunkle.

    Obviously, I completely reprofiled the lower knife, and am particularly pleased with the little notch cut out (see arrow)where the blade meets the handle--not sure what I like about it, but there it is. This blade is my favorite because the upcurved cutting surface is great for shaving off thin slices. I already had a good 'downswept' knife with the curve on top and a the straight part sharp, but after watching a Youtube video posted here on the forum of Alan Goodman knives I wanted to try a knife sharp on the curved side--glad I did.

    I also removed some wood from the handle closest to the blade to allow for a better, lower cutting angle.

    These handles are quite small and shapeless compared to an actual carving knife, but I don't use them for long periods, and thus do not get fatigue.

    So, with a couple hours work on the grinder I have been able to try a couple of knife profiles I wanted to try without increasing my tool load.

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    Re: Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

    Hi David,

    You did very well modifying those knives. I like the phrase, "without increasing my tool load."
    Ron T.


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      Re: Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

      Great job on the knives Dave ! I really like the top one, it would work great for hard to reach areas. I have been working on a bark house, that knife would be perfect for carving the inner part of a bark window.



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        Re: Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

        Very nice job reprofiling your knives. I've seen a few detail knives shaped like your top one. You're right about an upsweep helping cut thin slices.


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          Re: Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

          David, I would say that you have made the bottom knife very usable with the new shape, and being Pfeil, they should be some very good metal.
          If you will notice the notch on the top knife, you can lay your edge flat the full length on the stone, or the strop. It looks like there is a little piece still sticking down next to the bottom notch, when you lay your knife on your stone, that little piece will have a tendency to lift up the handle end of the blade, and you will start to get an odd grind. If you bring the notch all the way out, I think you will really like how it sharpens from then on. Take a look at a Denny knife, and he puts that notch on all of his knives.

          Nice job, Tom
          If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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            Re: Reprofiled/Repurpoused knives

            I looked at the Denny knives Tom, good idea, I'll grind down the nub.