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  • Tools I can't live without

    I've just put up a page on the blog listing the tools I use regularly and can't live without. They're the ones I've done the majority of my carvings that you see on my site , blog and gallery photo's although those represent only a small sampling of the total carvings I've done over almost 20 yrs.
    As any tool-aholic knows these aren't the only chisels I have,,but the ones I could carve most anything with,and have.I could pare this set down a bit as I did to carve the Greenman ( only 6 chisels) or add to it as I have over the years, but this is , as I said, the set that's always on my bench regardless of what I'm carving. This will do it for me.

    It's a bit lengthy so be prepared. And it's been so long since I've posted there that I forgot how to add pages,,,DUH. Once I find my cheat sheet I'll go back and put some in. So just scroll through,,, you'll be none the less for wear. Bored maybe,,

    A word of warning though,,If you're strictly a knife carver or palm tool fan I don't include these.

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    Re: Tools I can't live without

    I am glad you posted I enjoy looking at how others get it done. I am the same way I use the same 10 tools and have for over 30 years. I also have many gouges, chisels, skews, parting tools last time I counted 72. I just ordered a new macaroni tool a size I don't have on the chance I do a relief. I haven't carved a relief in 20 years but a new tool makes me happy.


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      Re: Tools I can't live without

      Hey Donsexton, a kindred spirit! Glad you liked it.
      Yeah,, tools,,'gotta love 'em. I too keep finding more that show up in my shop. Met a woman who had a set of the intermediate ones. I seriously doubt I'll use them,,but bought them anyway. They were never used and will remain that way. Some have given me odd sets, I received an amazing set of very unique shapes( won't find these in most catalogs) from the son of a distant relative that was a carver. He thought I could use them. Without trying my collection is somewhere around 150 or so. Some are great, some are fair, some are junk but I love them all.
      But I narrow it down to the ones I use most often. By the time I'd go looking for a specific tool,, I'd get the cut done with something at hand.


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        Re: Tools I can't live without

        Hi Mark,
        I enjoyed reading the tool list and your reasoning. I too, like a long handled gouge and rarely use a knife. Unless I am using a mallet, both hands are on the gouge handle while carving. I like the control this gives. Short handles and palm gouges, scare me to death. It looks like a good way to get hurt....and actually, one of our carving group, many years ago, developed carpal tunnel problems from using palm gouges. He needed surgery for it.

        Thanks again for the very educational blog.


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          Re: Tools I can't live without

          Speaking for Doris as well, It's our pleasure.