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  • Missing Something?

    Today my much awaited strop arrived from the USA (bless you Tomz) and I am all smiles because I just know stroping just got simpler and faster for me.
    I have been using one of those "shaped" Flexcut strops for everything and doing quite well with it might I add but I found the (roughly) 4 inch square block was somewhat painfull to do a knife well with. It can be done of course but it takes time and patience.
    I would reckon the new strop with it's 12 inches or so of working surface will touch up my knife in one or two passes down each side and wont test my patience one little bit.
    The thing is I feel I am missing something here about strop compounds? I got the crayon like yellow stick with the Flexcut strop and I dont much like it's "claggy" nature on the leather. I also have some Tormek paste in a tube which I love and use all the time. The strop arrived with a sample piece of some sort of round stick compound that doesn't seem to "take" into the leather. The supplier of my new strop recomends it and uses it so I know it must work.
    I just feel I have missed something? Are you maybe supposed to grind the stick to powder or shave it or what?

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    Re: Missing Something?

    Rob, it seems most everyone has their favorite stropping compound and there are dozens on the market. Bear in mind that all of them are simply a fine powdered abrasive in a paste or wax base. You can even use the liquid based Brasso type compounds. I'd suggest you check at your local hardware store for polishing compound in the same area as wire wheels and grinding wheels. It generally comes in three or four grades; black, brown, white and red. Usually it's in soft wax sticks. They are reasonably priced and I've found they work as well as anything on the market for stropping compound, and if it's fresh, they will rub onto your strop smoothly and evenly. (store in a zip loc type bag to keep from drying out and getting hard) I'm partial to the red jewelers's the finest and softest grit available so it polishes as fine as you can get.
    For power stropping my gouges, I like the white stuff first followed up with red on a stitched cotton wheel.

    But to answer your question, yes, you can scrape some of the compound off your stick and rub that into your strop. Then stropping will spread it more evenly onto the leather. Or try adding a bit of mineral oil to your compound stick and let tht soften it up a bit.



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      Re: Missing Something?

      The one I prefer and use is the #6 Mibro compound available at Canadian Tire because it is easier to put on the strop as it is a bit softer than the other compounds. I love it because it even sticks to the smooth side of leather.



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        Re: Missing Something?

        I use the jewelers rouge and I load the buffing wheel while it's turning.But for my strop I use a fine grater like a spice grater and just let the knife work it in.Tony


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          Re: Missing Something?

          I use yellowstone which is kind of hard. I make a powder using a small file and store it in a little container. Five minutes work last a long time. The powder is easier to apply to a non mechanical strop. IMHO
          Bill K.
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            Re: Missing Something?

            I use aluminum oxide powder on a different type strop. I got the sharpening strop from Christian J Hummul.
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              Re: Missing Something?

              I see the sense of it now. Filing powder of a stick would make it simple as would scraping.
              This makes sense.
              I think also that as the leather of the strop is brand new that it might just need some time and work to get it going right too.
              Mr Impatience strikes again!


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                Re: Missing Something?

                I use Notto White Gold, grind it up, works great!



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                  Re: Missing Something?

                  Hey there,
                  What is this tomz strop? I'd like to have a look at it. I really don't like short strops either.

                  Thank you,