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    Just a heads up on the Cnc in the Clasiffied.
    When I seen the picture posted I was reaching for the credit card. I thought wow I can't buy parts shown for that price. I researched a little farther and you do not get the driver boards, powersupply, spindle motor, or software.
    What you do get is an operational pvc frame with small x,y,z stepper motors. Not to bad of a deal for those parts but not good enough to entice me for a machine that small.
    I was not impressed with the youtube video. Unless they didn't have the pick set right it left a very wavy cut. They may have had it set for rough cutting and needed to go back and do a finish path.
    Got my attention as I am looking for drivers and steppers motors to automate a small lathe I have at the shop to turn bottle stoppers and the drivers, steppers and power supply I am looking at cost more than that setup.