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Another band saw question

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  • Another band saw question

    Just got a 10" sears craftsman band saw, from my late uncles garage, but no manual.
    I'm clueless when it comes to power tools.
    I've tried to find one(manual)on line, but no joy.
    Please help me. I want to cut my own blanks, and really can't afford to buy a new saw.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Another band saw question

    Can you find the model number on it? Also, go to the Rikon tool site and download the manual for the 10-305. It should be close if not exact. My 10" Craftsman is two years old and the manual matches the Rikon 10-305.

    Let me know if this does not get you going.


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      Re: Another band saw question

      you can try here,


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        Re: Another band saw question

        Sears offers excellent in-home service on band saws...I'm sure they can get you set up.
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          Re: Another band saw question

          My band saw is about 20 years old, but is a Sears and I have the manual for it. Its nice that you listed your location as someone a little closer than me just might swing by. Let us know what model you have as this will help us help you. Good luck and keep us up to date.
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            Re: Another band saw question

            I have a 10" Craftsman saw too.The most important adjustment I made was adjusting the table for drift.The fence I have isn't adjustable for drift so I used washers and cutouts from drink cans between the saw body and trunnion.Correcting Band Saw Drift - LLC here is an article on band saw drift.


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              Re: Another band saw question

              Thanks to all,
              I found my model #113.244501, hit the web-site (frm: rickm) & there was the manual.
              I think I'll be clamping it to my work-mate, while I learn about it, and get my "Carving Cave" set up.
              Now that I have the band saw, a few knives, gouges, and wood, it's time to make a space. All I have to do, is stop carving long enough to move things around! Easier said than done. lol
              Anyway,thanks again!