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Ceramic Kitchen Blades

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  • Ceramic Kitchen Blades

    Not exactly wood carving but some vegetables feel like it.

    I like steel K-knives, they're not unlike my wood carving tools, my waterstones are adequate for edge management.

    My GF has built a collection of ceramic knives. Think that it is about time for me to invest(?) in a diamond plate for tune ups. She thinks they're great, I'm not pleased with the way the brittle ceramic chips.

    Ceramic edges are common here, they have been used in the planer mills of the forest industry for decades.

    So, I'm trolling for opinions from users, not YouTubies.
    Brian T

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    Re: Ceramic Kitchen Blades

    I used one for a while and got rid of it. I was always worried about breaking it. [email protected]#$ing sharp. It was also suggested int the accompanying literature to NOT mess with the blade, but to send it back to the manufacturer. Wish I could remember what brand it was. It was not expensive if that helps.