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  • STONES: Oil/Water

    I have an old combination stone that has been used dry for sharpening kitchen knives for at least 40 years. How do I clean the old metal off the stone, and how do I tell if it should be used with water or oil? What makes a stone an \\\\\\\"oil\\\\\\\" stone or a \\\\\\\"Water\\\\\\\" stone? TIA!

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    Re: STONES: Oil/Water

    The purpose of either the oil or the water is to flush away the swarf = the slurry of metal particles and smashed abrasive particles. That keeps the stone cutting at its labelled grit size.

    My best rehab is to use lots of oil/water and scrub one stone against the other. Almost as good is to soak the stone for a while then a dang good scrubbing with a clean brass-bristle BBQ grill brush.

    If your stone has never been used with either water or oil then the choice is yours. Veg oils may oxidize and go sticky/gooey over a long time. There\'s water in the sink. Handy and non-toxic.

    I\'ve got one that I found in a kitchen drawer at the lake. The bone handle suggests to me that it\'s really old, never seen another one like it. Very fine grained, gray color, cylinder thick as a finger and dry. Use it for my kitchen knives and cleavers. Lots of gray dust. Sharpen cleaver, wipe dust off on jeans. Put rod away, prepare food.
    Brian T


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      Re: STONES: Oil/Water

      What RV said sounds good.