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  • Report of Great Service!

    I recently had a small Helvie knife handle break on me. It had a great looking red white and blue acrylic handle, short narrow blade and was a great knife for cutting some of the smaller details on my carvings. I contacted Helvie Knives and they said to send it back to them They said they did not have that particular handle in stock any more, though. I told them that the style and size of the handle was all that was important to me - color did not matter. Today, I received a replacement knife - same blade same handle size and style but made out of their multi-color composite wood. Beautiful knife! I sent them an email asking how much I owed them for the repair and the postage, and they replied that they guarantee their knives, so no charge!

    Great customer service! Helvie Knives has a new ETSY store now also at

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    Re: Report of Great Service!

    Good company! Good to put the word out.


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      Re: Report of Great Service!

      I have dealt with them and agree these people are fantastic and the knives are just beautiful.



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        Re: Report of Great Service!

        Just bought and received two knives from Helvie. Superb tools, great service and a pleasure to deal with. Now if I can just figure out what to do with the pointy ends I\'ll be all set.



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          Claude, I could not agree more! Great to do business with!