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    Looks like you will get the first real TS of the year this weekend. If it follows the guess work. We will get some much needed rain if nothing els. Sadly we are due for a big storm. I am to old for that. Having some trees trimmed out next week some big oaks I the yard. Hopefully minimize damage if we do get one this year. Stay dry Arthur.

  • Arthur C.
    Hi Randy, Sorry for the delayed response...I forget to look for messages! Funny that I'd see this today, as we're got thunderstorms all over the place and didn't get a drop with the dud hurricane. You're right, we're overdue for a big blow, just hope nothing too big comes along. I'm inland now, but I grew up right on the beach in Pass Christian, Miss., so I respect what those 'canes can do. Who do you think will be your new senator? Seems like a rather odd field from outside. Take care, Randy
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