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Rick Wiebe
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  • Buffalo Bif
    Buffalo Bif posted a Visitor Message for Rick Wiebe
    Rick, would you mind sharing a link on the whittling forum you mention in the 'Style' thread?...
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  • I think every carver has a "style". We all have our way of doing things, and it shows.

    I think the only carvers that do not have a style, are those that only talk about carving, and never do it.

    Most of us can name the carver who did a piece if we are familiar...
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  • Wet spoons etc. should not be kept in plastic after they are finished. They will mold. I put them in paper because that will let them dry more slowly than if they are just left out in the air. I suppose if the spoons were put in a plastic bag with chips and the bag was left open, that they might...
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  • The knives are either #7 or #8 Opinels

    Some people are very adamant about wanting carbon steel blades, but I think that the stainless ones are actually better - they take just as good an edge, no more difficult to sharpen, and I think they keep that edge better. The two steels are close...
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