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Brian T
Brian T
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    Jamie Sharp
    Jamie Sharp posted a Visitor Message for Brian T
    Hey, I was just wondering, what kind of keywords would you use to find northwest coast native knives for sale on google? I am trying to improve my website traffic.

  • Brian T
    OK. I never answered your question about key words. Sorry to drivel on as I did.

    Pacific Northwest (PacNW) bladesmith. Crooked knife bladesmith. Crooked knife. PacNW carving tools.
    Crooked carving knife. First Nations carving tools.

    Some weeks ago, I Googles some string of words for images of PacNW tools and would up looking at the knives that I had built for myself! Scraping the bottom of the bucket, I guess.

  • Brian T
    Hi Jamie:
    There are just 5 blade smiths that have sites worth looking at for tools.
    In BC, that's you, Crescent Knife Works (Lee Valley) and Cariboo Blades, Tools & Knives.
    In WA, there's Kestrel and also North Bay Forge.
    That's it.
    I sense that PacNW FN carvers and a few others, are much more willing to haft well-made blades.
    I can't carve unless the handle fits me. You make fairly large handles which suit my big hands.
    I fully intended to alter your handles to fit me if I had to.

    Maybe make a bigger emphasis on blades. Sell handle blanks with instructions, like a little kit.
    I think Kestrel does that. I have been making up my own handles for years. If you see any of the ones which look like plywood, they are plywood = rosewood and mahogany to be honest!

    Most recent blade that I hafted in birch is too heavily balanced up the shaft.
    Maybe tomorrow, I cut 2" off it and see what that feels like.
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