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  • Questions regarding working around the grain direction for planning a carving.

    I'm looking to carve a wolf in a howling pose about 5-7 inches long or so, my problem lies in the fact that my largest piece of basswood is 3x3, and imagining how I would carve the legs, as the front two would be running perpendicular to the grain. I've thought of a few solutions, and was wondering...
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  • dealofficer
    started a topic It is too hard to whittle

    It is too hard to whittle

    Hello, I am new to whittling. I just got some pieces to try and whittle a little fox. But when I saw the video of someone doing it, it was much easier. When I try to whittle, I can't take away as much material and it is significantly harder to make a stop cut. So I can't cut as easier in general. I...
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  • Spots to harvest cottonwood bark in MN or ND?

    Forgive me, if this is not the right category, new to this forum.
    I've been whittling for a while, and only just recently ordered a handful of gouges(following along Alec Lacasse's course). I went looking for fallen pieces along a river this morning on a walk, none of them were thick enough for...
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  • JD78
    started a topic Getting started

    Getting started

    Hello all, I’ve been scouring this site for days now but figured I would finally ask my what I’m trying to find. Would like to give chainsaw carving a try. I currently only own an older Poulon Pro 2418A. Purchased years ago, runs fine and only used for small cleanups. Have a few questions on whether...
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  • When to stop stropping?

    I would like to know how you know when to stop stropping. I use a ½ inch strip of printer paper and stop when I can make 3-4 ‘push’ cuts across the paper. Slicing will work with a duller edge but the push cut only works with a sharp edge. I suspect this is overkill so I'm reaching out looking for...
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  • Grape Leaf Green Man

    This is one of my first projects, from Laura Irish's book, "Relief Carving Wood Spirits". It's just under 9" tall. Made of tupelo. I didn't know any better when I bought that wood, and I didn't have knives for it, just palm tools. It was tougher to carve that way because of the need to...
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  • Best wood for hand carving into homemade furniture?

    I'm planning to build a piano stand for my digital keyboard. I've recently gotten into carving and would like to decorate the shelf and sides of the stand with hand-carved designs. Pine seems to chip too easily and isn't the easiest to use my chisels on. Basswood seems hard to find large pieces of lumber,...
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  • Macias1995
    started a topic Crack and gap filling.

    Crack and gap filling.

    Hey all,
    I loved the reception to my last post. For my second one, I need a little help. So I decided to buy a kuksa from an independent shop and after a little bit (while maintaining oiling and beeswax coating) it started to crack in a few places. I picked up some Satellite City CA glue (Hot...
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  • Santa Ornament.

    Hey guys,
    This is my First-ever Santa ornament. I am so proud. I'm thinking about using it for a beginner project. What do you guys think, and how can I improve? ...
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  • Does long road trip mean no carving?

    Hey Guys,
    I am going to be taking a road trip down to Florida pretty soon. The problem is that I live in Ohio. So the road trip necessary to get down there will take up a lot of time that I would like to be spending carving. I was wondering if there was a way to do some carving in the car with...
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  • New Schaaf tools

    As a new carver, but longtime woodworker, I was looking for some new tools,to start with some relief carving. I bought a 10 chisel/gouge set on Amazon of Schaaf tools. I am very impressed so far with the quality! The are Pfeil look alikes, and feel very good in the hands. The steel seems very good,...
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  • Vise or similar for small projects

    Hi! First post just starting out and I have got hand of some wood carving tools. I was wondering if anyone could recommend something to hold the a not-huge piece of wood in place. I am somewhat restricted in the space department, being a student and all.
    Thanks for all and any serious answers...
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